Tifinagh Unicode fonts

These free demonstration fonts are all based on Hapax Berbère from - with the kind permission of Patrick Andries.

Download 'Hapax Berbère DZ Nord' Tifinagh fonts for Northern Algerian Tifinagh repertoire.
This zip file includes several fonts (flavours of Hapax Berbère) - modern, classic and legacy, and an updated Yugurten calligraphic font on a framework of Hapax Berbère. These are listed below.


 - This is the original Hapax Berbère font, for comparison.

HapaxB DzN (Modern)

This font retains modern innovations such as:

  • 'hollow' a, u and e, to avoid confusion with punctuation
  • l with linked lines, to avoid needing to 'lean' one l if there are two, and to avoid confusion with double n
  • f with linked halves, to avoid confusion with m
It uses modern forms of less common letters, and of ayn and h, but uses Algerian forms for y and dj.
The modern forms of h and b are used to avoid confusion and to maintain consistency.

HapaxB DzN Classique (Classic)

This font has a classic appearance without the modern innovations above, but it does have mostly modern letters for readability.

HapaxB DzN Ancien (Legacy)

This font has all the old letters, even the confusing 'b'.

Yugurten ACEB-Hapax

A decorative font with a classic appearance.

Download 'Hapax Berbère APT' Tifinagh fonts for Niger APT repertoire.
This zip file includes a prototype of the HapaxB APT Niger font, which still needs many cosmetic adjustments for diacritic positioning.