Download proposal for writing Berber/Tuareg, in Latin/Tifinagh scripts, with Unicode

Berber keyboard drivers

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Everyday Berber keyboard

For North and West Africa, and France (AZERTY):

LATIN (+Tifinagh)

If you are in any doubt, this is the version that you need.

Tamazight (Agraghlan) keyboard on the website of the HCA (Algeria) [down for maintenance]
(version 1.51)

Download the same keyboard under the name Français+
(version 1.51)

Berber keyboards for specialists

For North and West Africa, and France (AZERTY):

LATIN - Tifinagh

Download LATIN/Tifinagh keyboard package Tamazight_LF
(version 1.36, includes short guide, default Latin, Caps Lock switches to Tifinagh)

TIFINAGH - Latin (international adaptation of IRCAM's Tifinagh keyboard, Morocco)

Download TIFINAGH/Latin keyboard package Tamazight_FL
(version 1.36, includes short guide, default Tifinagh, Caps Lock switches to Latin)

Standardised keyboards for Berber

For North and West Africa, and France (AZERTY):

Download LATIN keyboard package Tamazight_L
(version 1.36, Latin, includes short guide)

Download TIFINAGH keyboard package Tamazight_F
(version 1.36, Tifinagh, includes short guide)

For Libya, Egypt, US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia (QWERTY):

Download keyboard package Tamazight_FQ (Tifinagh, Latin-mapped)
(version 1.36)

Download keyboard package Tamazight_FQFS (Tifinagh, Arabic-mapped)
(version 1.36)

Download keyboard package Tamazight_LQ (Latin)
(version 1.36)

For Spain (Melilla), Italy ... (European QWERTY):

Download keyboard package Tamazight_LQE (Latin)
(version 1.36)

Download keyboard package Tamazight_FQE (Tifinagh)
(version 1.36)

For Germany (QWERTZ):

Download keyboard package Tamazight_LQZ (Latin)
(version 1.36)

Download keyboard package Tamazight_FQZ (Tifinagh)
(version 1.36)

Tifinagh Unicode fonts

These free demonstration fonts are all based on Hapax Berbère from - with the kind permission of Patrick Andries.

Download 'Hapax Berbère DZ Nord' Tifinagh fonts for Northern Algerian Tifinagh repertoire.
This zip file includes:
HapaxB DzN (Modern)
HapaxB DzN Classique (Classic)
HapaxB DzN Ancien (Legacy)
Yugurten ACEB-Hapax

Download 'Hapax Berbère APT' Tifinagh fonts for Niger APT repertoire.